Welcome to Texas Total Health

Welcome to Texas Total Health

Welcome to Texas Total HealthWelcome to Texas Total HealthWelcome to Texas Total Health

Experts in Nutrition

What We Do


Nutrition Consulting

Texas Total Health provides your organization with expert Registered Dietitians. We work with inpatient and outpatient facilities. We will provide your facility with comprehensive nutrition services. Texas Total Health currently works with healthcare organizations in the Austin and San Antonio areas.


Nutrition Services

Our team of dietitians will provide your facility with nutrition services, including but not limited to...

  • Nutrition Assessments & Follow-ups
  • Nutrition Education Classes
  • Kitchen Management
  • Menu Development
  • Diet Order Compliance
  • Nutrition Policy & Procedures


Registered Dietitians

Texas Total Health dietitians are registered and licensed by the State of Texas. They have completed the background checks, reference checks, drug screens, etc. necessary to work at your facility. Sit back and relax. The dietitians at your facility will be supervised and trained according to the high standards of Texas Total Health.

Medical Nutrition Therapy


The Client

Our dietitians will  assess every aspect of the client's health. We will look at their medical history, lifestyle, diet, medications, stress, etc. Every person is unique and deserves personalized nutrition advice. We believe this motivates our clients for positive behavior change.


Nutrition Consults

Our dietitians are trained to work with a wide variety of medical diagnoses. Each consult includes nutrition education and a handout for the patient to take home. We have quality control measures in place to make sure our work meets your organization's standards, as well as any regulatory healthcare requirements. 


Team Work

The Texas Total Health dietitians will work closely with your physicians and nurses. We will monitor dietary procedures and diet order compliance. All of our dietitians are trained in CMS, JCAHO, state and other regulatory healthcare surveys. We are here to assist you and your staff.

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Nutrition is the foundation of your body and mind. 

Please contact us today, and we will provide you with a nutrition solution that meets your business needs.

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